CTB Locker

CTB Locker is an extremely dangerous application that encrypts the users’ files and demands your money to get them back. Under no circumstances you should pay the ransom money. Instead you need to remove CTB-Locker from the system as soon as possible. CTB-Locker can infect systems as a Trojan horse whenever you browse the internet and are not careful. When the computer is infected, a text informing you about the encryption and giving you a payment instruction on your desktop. The files that will be affected are .jpg, .doc, .mp4, .cer, .db, .pem extensions on your computer. They will be locked until you pay the ransom. Even though, as you may have noticed, that the message dissapears after rebooting the computer, the files will remain encrypted and you will still need to delete CTB-Locker. You should know, however, if you delete CTB-Locker without restoring the files, they will most likely be lost forever. What is even more frightening, is that your files will remain encrypted even if you pay the money. And it is quite probable that CTB-Locker will still stay in your system even after the payment has been made. This might seem like a gross situation. Actually it is not very hard to get rid of CTB-Locker.

To delete CBT Locker completely, you can use an automatic malware removal toll or try to remove it manually. The professional software will protect your system for future infections as well. Manual removal is recommended for computer experts only, that know the operating system inside pout.

Manual Ctb Locker Removal Instructions

  1. Reboot the computer and press the F8 key.
  2. Go to Windows Advanced Options and to select Safe Mode with Networking press Enter.
  3. When windows loads you can browse the internet for a removal tool
  4. Use it to find and delete the infection

External Sources: Ctb Locker Removal Manual

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