Robosaver 6.1 Manual Removal

How to remove Robosaver 6.1 pop-up ads?

Imagine the following scenario: you open your browser, and suddenly a pop-up ad “Powered by Robosaver 6.1” shows up. You think that it’s some sort of fluke, and you make another attempt at browsing the web, but there it is again! Another pop-up by Robosaver 6.1. And no matter how many times you open your browser, every single time, without fail, you are interrupted by a similar ad. Even if you disregard how quickly this will go from annoying to infuriating, unfortunately, it won’t be the only issue you’ll be faced with once Robosaver 6.1 slithers into your system. Aside from the never-ending waterfall of pop-ups, you’ll also have to bear with the frequent system crashes and slower PC performance they’ll lead to. Not only that, but Robosaver 6.1 will also put your private security in grave jeopardy. If you still think that this malicious an intrusive tool is worth keeping, that’s okay. But if you don’t, follow experts’ advice and get rid of it immediately.

How did I get infected with Robosaver 6.1?

Robosaver 6.1 resorts to the usual antics when it comes to sneaking into your system. It’s so resourceful in its trickery that, not only do you let it in by choice, but you have no idea that you did. Confused? Well, this program often uses freeware as a means of infiltration as it provides the easiest entry point. Even though, freeware is usually bundled with all sorts of harmful malware, users still seem to think that it’s a grand idea to not pay attention during its installation process. They skip reading the terms and conditions, and just agree to everything in haste. Well, this is, in fact, a sublime idea! That is if you want to end up with an unsafe and damaging application such as Robosaver 6.1. If you think that’s something you wish to avoid, pay more attention when dealing with freeware. Also, be more careful when spam email attachments, corrupted links, corrupted websites, system and program updates, are involved. It will save you a lot of troubles.

Why is Robosaver 6.1 dangerous?

Robosaver 6.1 is ad-supported, which means that in order to survive, it has to generate pay-per-click profits for the people behind it. In order to increase its chances of successfully deceiving you into clicking on its unreliable pop-ups, the program spends some time getting to know you. It monitors your browsing habits in the hopes of understanding what you like and dislike. Once it does, it knows which ads have a better shot at sparking your interest and resulting in a click. Then it commences a full-on bombardment. However, Robosaver 6.1 doesn’t only observe your browsing activities. It’s programmed to keep track of every move you make and catalog it. As soon as it feels it has enough data on you, it proceeds to send it to the aforementioned wicked people, who can then use it however they see fit. Don’t gamble with your personal and financial information, and delete Robosaver 6.1 as soon as the first pop-up ad appears. You won’t regret it.

Manual Robosaver Removal Instructions:

Click the Start menu, select Run.

  1. Type taskmgr.exe into the the Run command box, and click “OK.” or press simultaneously the keys CTRL + Shift + ESC.
  2. Click Processes tab, and find CommonShare related processes.
  3. Once you locate the CommonShare processes, right-click on them and choose “End Process”
  4. Go to your Control Panel.
  5. Click on Add/Remove Programs icon.
  6. select the CommonShare program in the list and uninstall it.

Remove Robosaver from IE

  1. Open Internet Explorer:
  2. Press Alt+X and go to Manage add-ons.
  3. Go to Toolbars and Extensions
  4. select Search Providers
  5. Remove the unwanted search engine
  6. Save changes and close window.
  7. Press Alt+X again.
  8. Go to Internet Options
  9. General tab,
  10. Replace current home page address with the desired search engine.

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